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The W. Lucas Group, Inc – A Partner In Mastering The Leadership Challenge.

The W Lucas Group, Inc., founded in 2002, builds trusting relationships with our clients to develop their capacity for leadership. We help them identify their current competences and a plan of action to help them advance to the next level of leadership.

No one comes into the organization as a young person with all of the attributes of an effective leader.  It demands an effort that occurs on the job, allowing that young person to grow from contributing dependently (taking direction from someone) in that first job to contributing by guiding the organization through vision and strategy – the CEO.

The challenge of a successful business is to marshal a collection of resources in a coordinated effort to deliver product and services to its customers.  The business is sustained with profits, which are reinvested or distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends.  It’s an effort that demands management and leadership at different levels of the organization.  Successful Leadership at the CEO level is about doing 5 things according to John Zenger and Joseph Folkman in their book, “The Extraordinary Leader.”

1. Establishing Vision and Strategy
2. Mobilizing Employee Commitment
3. Building Organizational Capacity
4. Focusing On Results
5. Demonstrating Character

The W Lucas Group is focused on 3 things associated with these competences of effective leadership:

1. Helping our clients understand how these competences are being valued in their organizations,
2. Identifying how they are performing against against these competences.
3. Building an action plan to help expand their capacity to be more effective leaders.

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The Coaching Process

Our coaching approach is data driven and designed to help clients identify the key competencies and strategies to maximize their effectiveness as a leader. It is also an approach that provides clients with a framework that is process and results oriented so that progress can be tracked and measured.  To protect client confidentiality, the relationship is designed to determine what information can be shared with supervisors and/or sponsors who are interested in the client’s growth and development. The approach includes the following specific steps:

1. Design the coaching relationship
2. Collect data – 360 degree feedback
3. Review results of 360 degree feedback
4. Build the development plan
5. On-going coaching
6. Final Review – Measuring Results

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Phone: 312-215-0098

Fax: 847-441-5238

Email: will@wlucasgroup.com

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