Life Balance

The W Lucas Group believes in growing your capabilities as a leader. We know how hard that is. We have lived the experience of succeeding in Corporate America. It demands a total commitment of mental focus and energy. Given our ambitions and the need to stay competitive within our work environments, we do not always follow the internal signals for the need for rest. Our bodies are genetically programmed to oscillate between rest and expenditure of energy. Yet many of us keep going and self medicate with caffeine, alcohol, pills, and food. We simply do not take the time to “smell the roses.” This is easy to say and hard to do when the business is behind budget, college and private school tuition is due, mortgage is due, golf club memberships, family events, children’s activities and it goes on. And if you have youth on your side, there is always tomorrow. At times it feels like a treadmill. You put your head down and keep going.

This section of our website will be a constant reminder of your need to renew and will provide you with tips, and refer you to articles, blogs, books, travel resources and just plain old fashion entertainment. Our objective is to help you conserve and build your energy levels so that you can be more fully engaged in your career.